Fun Facts About The White House

So you want to visit The White House, do you? Many people share this desire and why not? The White House is home to the President of the United States of America and packs in more history than most cities. However, visiting The White House isn’t so simple, as one might suspect. If you plan to make this trip, there are many important bits of information you should first know.

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More than 6,000 people visit The White House on a daily basis. These visits occur all throughout the year, except on Sunday and Monday, when the building is closed for tours.  The White House also shuts down for certain holidays and/or events. Many people book tours with tour companies and come into the area on a chauffeured charter bus dc.  There are 132 rooms in the White House, 32 of which are bathrooms. The rooms are spread about six floors.

Most people schedule regular tours of The White House, although Congressional tours are also available.  This is a more in-depth tour. To book a Congressional tour, you must book 12-weeks in advance. This 35-minute tour is available in groups of 50 – 70. For high school students, college students, and others, this amazing tour always provides an intimate look at The White House and its history.

D.C. has many landmarks and attractions worth visiting while you are in town, but none of them are as special or spectacular as The White House. This tour is sure to provide everyone in your group with fun memories. If you are a history lover or simply want the honor of touring The White House, it’s time to begin planning and take this trip. You’ll learn so much during the tour and collect many special memories to take back home with you.