Making Sure You Have The Parts Needed For Essential Repairs

Running equipment on a regular basis will result in general wear and tear.  Over time however, these parts will no longer function nor will they be able to be pieced together for a little while longer.  When this happens, it is important that you have attwood replacement parts for your equipment.


When working with replacement parts make sure you have a full understanding of the warranty associated with those parts.  There are typically two types of warranties associated with parts.  The first is the manufacturer’s warranty.  This warranty covers the quality of workmanship on the part.  Basically, if the manufacturer tells you it will work and it doesn’t, they will replace it. 

attwood replacement parts

The second type of warranty is the warranty on labor.  When a part is installed by a certified technician or from an employee of a store it is guaranteed to function up to a certain amount of time.  Before purchasing your parts make sure that they are warrantied and for how long.

Makes and models

Before purchasing any parts make sure that the make and model of the part you are purchasing is certified to work in what it is you are using.  There will be times where a part may work in something that isn’t certified, but if that is done all warranties and guarantees are removed. 

To ensure that your part will work with your equipment, make sure look at serial numbers, model numbers and other markings to ensure you are working with the right stuff.  Installing the wrong part can cause a lot of damage and or render your equipment inoperable.

Brands and reputations

Shop good brands.  The brands out there need to be known, tested and relied upon.  When purchasing replacement parts, you don’t want to end up with something that is just good enough.  If you do there is no telling what could happen.